For many years until my parents retired in 2001, I was Co-Principal of the well-known Merrigrange Angus Stud at Tennyson running appropriately 280 hectares of irrigation, and 320 hectares of dry land. Being in charge of all aspects of planning and management with the stud and farms, including my own 100 hectares of irrigation.

Merrigrange Angus was based on bloodlines of Ardmore and Victoree back in 1959 and I have been responsible for the exhibition of Merrigrange cattle at all the Royal shows for many years, gaining the 32nd consecutive most successful exhibitor award for the stud and a number of Inter breed winners at Melbourne and Sydney Royal.

I am Principal of the “Merridale” Angus Stud which consists of 320 hectares. This stud is based mainly on Merrigrange bloodlines, purchasing mostly elite embryos to rapidly expand my herd. Merridale cattle have been successful at Sydney Melbourne and Adelaide, gaining Interbreed Champions at all these Royal Shows. I have a commercial cattle enterprise as well and I operate a 350-cow dairy on one of the farms.

Having been a very active user of embryo Transfer in all herds, using the top 10% as donors, making Group BreedPlan and the Validation assessment programs an essential tool in my selection criteria has proved very successful.

I also have had many years experience in the Pig industry as a breeder, an exhibitor and judging at major shows.

I am a past winner of the Victorian Angus Judging and Education Competition.

I have participated as judge of:

  • The Shorthorns breed at Sydney Royal,
  • Gelbviehs at Melbourne Royal,
  • All Breed Heifer Show W.A.,
  • Hadlers at Melbourne Royal,
  • Red Polls Melbourne Royal,
  • Angus and Murray Greys at Canberra Royal Show
  • Simmentals, Charolais, Highland, and Red Poll at the Adelaide Royal
  • Angus and Red Angus- at Adelaide
  • The All breeds Junior Bull Show at Benalla
  • A number of Feature Shows of several breeds and numerous country shows.
  • Salers and the Interbreed at the Royal Melbourne show.
  • Belgium Blues and Pinsgauer at Melbourne Royal,
  • All Breed On Farm Challenge for cow, cows and calves and heifers in Albany WA
  • Launceston Angus Feature Show, 2006
  • School Handlers Launceston Royal, 2006( consisting of approximately 150 students).
  • Handlers at Melbourne Royal, 2007
  • Murray Greys Melbourne Royal, 2007.
  • Perth Royal,2007 ( Angus, Red Angus, Red Poll)
  • Led Steers, Perth Royal, 2007.
  • Angus Youth Round up oversea Judge, Bendigo, 2008.
  • Red Angus National – Dubbo, 2008
  • Charolais Brisban, 2008
  • Red Angus Feature Show, Adelaide, 2009
  • Shorthorns Adalaide, 2009
  • Charolais Adaelaide 2009
  • Angus Youth Round up over judge Wodonga, 2010
  • Limousine Feature Show Berrick 2010
  • Charolais Feature Show Alexander, 2010
  • Australian Shorthorns Melbourne Royal, 2010
  • Shorthorns Melbourne Royal, 2010
  • Beef Shorthorns Melbourne Royal, 2010
  • Shorthorns Sydney Royal 2011
  • Australian Shorthorns Sydney Royal, 2011
  • Beef Shorthorns, Sydney Royal, 2011
  • Murray Greys Sydney Royal 2011
  • Bendigo Beef Expo, 2011
  • Herefords, Poll Herefords & Simmental Melbourne Royal, 2011
  • Scottsdale Show, Tasmania, 2011
  • Hobart Royal – all Breeds, 2012
  • Red Angus, Angus Perth Royal 2013
  • Launcestion show 2013
  • Geelong  – all breed heifer and bull show 2013.
  • Hobart Royal, 2015 All Breeds.
  • Brunswick, WA, All Breeds.

I have always been interested in Youth Affairs and with my knowledge and expertise I have coaxed many young enthusiasts to greater heights. In 1996 I judged the Junior Handlers Competition at Melbourne Royal. At the Victorian Section of the National Angus Youth round up in October 1996, I was a tutor and a leader on the four-day educational event. I was also Over Judge at the Victorian Section of the National Judging competition. In 2000 I was Over Judge at the Angus Youth Round up at Hamilton.

In 2002, I had the opportunity to travel to America where I was able to gain an understanding of the developing trends in genetics and observing over 200 sires. The knowledge I acquired through my observations in America has been of great value to the development of my herd. I am currently doing consultancy work for Northern Herd Improvement which is a completely independent Semen Co recommending sires, semen and advice for all types of cattle operations.